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24 December 2009

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TV was one of the most enchanting pieces of technology that made us its slaves for decades with programs telecasted at only particular time of the day. But the entire scenario of watching TV has changed with television channels started offering their programs through the medium of internet. This had made possible for every one to view our favorite TV channel soaps or any program anywhere with your PC or portable internet accessing device like laptop. Now the question is how to view all the TV channels on your system? Well then we bring to you Global Media Center Portable 2 a fantastic internet TV viewing software program that will enable you to see your entire favorite program that you used to see in TV on your computer system. Global Media Center is a brilliant tool that comes for free which you can download from the internet and use it to enjoy all your favorite channels.

Apart form watching online TV programs this Media Center will also assist you to access images from webcams along with listen to the radio channels too which are broadcasted over the internet. The best part with this software program is that it requires neither additional software nor any there is any requirement of additional hardware for the smooth functioning of this program running in your system. All the live TV broadcasting that Global Media Center makes available for you can also be vied in full screen move just by double clicking on the screen. With this application you can open numerous radio or TV channels at the same time. Finally the quality of picture and sound are of a very high standard that will surely give to an experience you truly deserve.

Global Media Center supports the entire series of MS Windows including Windows XP, 7, Vista etc. Owing to its wide range of quality features and that too for free makes us rate it with 3.5 on the scale of 5.

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Software for receiving on-line TV programs, internet radio, images from webcams - advantageously differs from other products of that kind, namely:
no additional software is required;
no additional setting is required;
no additional hardware is required;
you needn't have administrator privilege to install and use it;
automatic updates are provided;
live TV broadcast is supported;
full-screen mode is supported (double click on the screen);
unlimited number of virtual television and/or radio sets can be opened at the same time;
THOUSANDS of TV channels and THOUSANDS of radio stations are available;
high-quality picture and sound;
you can switch between TV and radio mode.
Global Media Center Portable
Global Media Center Portable
Version 2.0
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